Sunday, February 26, 2023

Planting your Garden Now: Tips for Spring and Summer Pleasure

The Lord God planted a garden in Eden, the Bible tells us.  God made trees to grow, to give pleasure by sight and to provide food.

In 2023, we're not exactly in the Garden of Eden.  Nevertheless, we can have some hope that recent storms and floods (northern hemisphere) will recede.  Meantime, we can see that trees and bushes are already coming out of hibernation.  In gardens here in western Oregon, daffodil bulbs are beginning to send up shoots and one can see flower buds on them.  And, perhaps most obviously, daylight is increasing from its midwinter retreat.  Daylight is lasting longer every day.

So, Kids:  looks as if you can put the sled away and find your tennis racket.  You'll be playing tennis, baseball, or hiking soon.

Adults:  prepare garden plans--even if you're an apartment dweller using flower pots.  Soon we'll see new growth in potted plant gardens.  

All:  rejoice in anticipation of spring.!  Are there birds in your neighborhood?  Watch them closely.  In my town the birds are hard at work trying to stay warm and find food.  Soon they'll be building nests.

Watch the skies.  Here's a photo from my kitchen window:  cloudy skies right and left (and, if the photo would permit, clouds stretching off to the Pacific shores).  I like the a hint of white clouds and blue sky to the northeast.  Over time, I know that blue sky will prevail.  



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