Saturday, December 10, 2022


                    By "Growing green," originally, I referred to finding ways to make money in an environmentally sensitive way.  Today I'd like to expand the meaning to include additional relevant questions.  How might we humans deal with economic growth necessary to sustaining the increasing human population?   Sounds vague?  Well, specifically then, there's room here in this blog for considering matters like food health and fitness, and even cybersecurity. Please keep returning to the blogsite at

                    Today, some thoughts on fitness and health, especially noting the benefits of walking for exercise.  

                    Earlier in life, I studied and worked in New York City and was fortunate to be able, during lunch breaks, to walk in pedestrian pathways, north and south along the upper east side, overlooking the Hudson River.  Among the users of the trails dog-walkers were especially notable--up to five or seven critters per human.  Today, living in another "N" city, Newberg, Oregon, the desk at which I write just now looks out over walkways, and it's just as much fun here as in NYC to realize that both dogs and human dog-walkers are enjoying fresh air and the benefits of walking.

                    At my current stage in life, which I'll call retirement, I was amazed by a statement made by my cardiologist.  He asked if I exercised daily.  I told him that I walk 45-to-60 minutes a day out of doors on sidewalk and, sometimes, woodland trails.  He replied, "Walking is our number one recommendation."   I'm wondering whether your doctor might say the same.  

                    Occasionally, I walk on an indoor track in a county exercise facility (swimming pool, gymnasium, weight room.)  I find that it helps get additional benefit by walking up and down a one-flight stairway between laps of walking.  

                    I'm very sure that exercise walking helps me maintain physical and mental health.  I suggest that you do your own internet search for "benefits of exercise walking."  I'm sure you'll be pleased with the search results.

                    Well, it's a Saturday and it's not raining here right now.  I'm going to sign off, wish you good health and beneficial exercise.  I'll post and go for a walk.  


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