Sunday, October 23, 2022

Hallowe'en--handouts and fun, yes, for sure!--but make the day deeper too.

What makes Hallowe'en fun?  I think of adults treating kids at the front door with candy handouts, pumpkins carved with facial features illuminated after dark by candles, scary movies.  Good fun, good memories.  "Trick or treating" door to door helps to make strangers into neighbors.  That would be good in itself, but. . .

Another dimension of Hallowe'en makes it even deeper.  Ask, "Where does the name of the holiday come from?"  Answer:  Hallowe'en is the evening before All Hallows Day, on which most Christian people and churches remember the saints and the deceased in general.  Thank God for my mother, my father, grandparents, aunts, uncles--as far back as I can go.  That's a dimension that makes Hallowe'en even deeper and can be shared by parents with any kids in every home on earth.  

Even though Hallowe'en has Christian origins, Muslims and people of other and all faiths--and of no religious tradition at all--are certainly welcome to trick, treat, and remember our wonderful human ancestors.  Let's be one, inclusive world.

A motto to consider:  "remember the best of the past to create a better future."  You could make Hallowe'en even more meaningful by lighting a candle in memory of the past, or by placing a candle on graves of your ancestor(s).  


Remember:  Hallowe'en = All Hallows' Evening.  

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