Friday, June 3, 2022

Helping Kids to Grow Greener

This is a crucial time of year.  In many areas, children and young people are or will be out of school for long vacation periods.  School vacations offer a time of doing things with and for your kids.

Also, it's an out-of-doors time.  In Southern Hemisphere, it might be time for walking or for skiing.  In Northern Hemisphere, it's a time for out-of-door family or friendship gruop activities.  

Grandparents, parents, adult friends and teachers can pitch in to help young people learn skills that normally aren't taught in school.

Example one:  climb a mountain.  Here in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.A., that might mean Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier, or another of the many mountain hiking opportunities.  The goal of such a trip might be how to read a map and follow it, how to avoid fearing high terrain, how to ford a stream.

Example two: learn to swim.  A grand-daughter of mine learned to swim in a heated pool.  She became a great swimmer, engaged in some swimming races, and then learned to lifeguard.  After a couple of years lifeguarding in her home town she went to college.  When summer vacation came, she moved back from campus to her parents' home and worked in a life-guarding job.


In a rural setting, kids could learn how to farm:  how to milk a cow or even, as in the above photo from Sierra Leone, how to raise edible fish in a pond.  These are just ideas.  Use your imagination and rely on your opportunities.

Basic idea:  Growing Green, morally and financially, on planet earth, our home.

The main idea is:  a stronger sense of self, leading to a better understanding of the world through adventure.  What a summertime gift!  

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