Saturday, May 21, 2022


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 We all love animals:  our pets, our livestock, our favorite wild animals.  (My favorite wild animals are the deer and the monkeys.)

First thing to note:  May 20 each year is "Endangered Species Day."  This day is devoted to questions about how to protect endangered species.  That's an issue for all to take seriously.

At-risk species is a worldwide phenomenon.  In Africa, the Ethiopian World is at risk.  In the North Pacific Ocean, sea otters are at risk.  (Hard for me to get my head around that.  As a North Pacific guy since my birth, I've enjoyed watching sea otters--at the zoo, actually, and not in the ocean.  They're delightful and should be protected.  People in every continent and every nation are aware of animal species at risk.

Second thing to be aware of:  Why are so many entire species at risk?  Here are some factors:  habitat loss, poaching, land development, and overhunting.  

Third:  what's being done to protect endangered species?  First, some organizations prioritize protection as a goal.  Second, support existing wildlife protection laws and support stricter laws.

                                                            A wildlife-friendly habitat

I'm suggesting that wildlife protection be a life-theme for each and every human being.  Let's team together to see what can be done.

Further reading:  I recommend the Wikipedia article, "Endangered Species."  Fine article in my opinion.  



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