Friday, April 15, 2022

The Good Friday / Easter Pairing and a better way forward for the world.


The Good Friday/Easter pairing is sort of like nature, as seen in the photo above.  Good Friday dark and somber, sort of like the lakefront.  The dictatorial government was darkened and threatened, they thought, by the enlightenment a humble man named Jesus had brought to the Roman-dominated Eastern Mediterranean society--two thousand and some years ago.  The Jesus movement had attracted an ever-increasing group of followers.  Leader consulted leader; leadership decided to protect its iron hold on citizens by arresting, then condemning, and finally executing Jesus himself.

Who was this Jesus?  A man who was committed to serving God and people.  He sat with the poor on hillsides, fed them and spoke with them--to them--about a better world.  He seemed to favor the beggar over the billionaire.  

The wealthy and powerful viewed Jesus as a threat.  The people viewed Jesus as the light of God shining in the world, sort of like Mt. Rainier looming above the lake in the picture above.  The wealthy and powerful sent soldiers to arrest Jesus and execute him in a most degrading manner--hammered to a cross, left there to die.

The sequel, however, is that the dead Jesus rose from the dead, as celebrated in Scripture and, more recently in Handel's Messiah.  That kind of tipped the power balance.  The people and their leaders developed forms of democratic government, in which all were free and entitled to justice.

Today:  undemocratic governance seems to be on the rise again, world-wide.  Rather than caving, national and international states and social movements would do well to have faith that the rule of the people is proper, reasonable and enlightened.  The best way forward for the world's 8 billion people is to focus upward on light, modelling politics on the painting above.

That's an Easter message of hope.  



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