Tuesday, March 29, 2022


 Spring and Springbrook


I live in Oregon, a state in the U.S.A.  My neighborhood sports the lovely name of Springbrook Meadows. "Springbrook" isn’t a town--rather, it’s just a place-name for part of the city of Newberg. I took a gamble last night and searched for an article on Springbrook's history. I was amazed to find that article in an entry in Wikipedia: Springbrook, Oregon - Wikipedia.Click on the link; you can read the article in full. 

According to Wikipedia, Springbrook once had its own U.S. post office. Actually, it still does have a “post office” where one can buy stamps for foreign and domestic locations and mail letters and packages.  For other services, a patron must undertake a long trip to the Newberg post office.

But the name, “Springbrook,” has great poetic strength and appeal. Some specific residential communities go under the name Springbrook. And, a creek that run through the area is called "Springbrook". 

This stream runs north-south through a shallow, wooded canyon. I often glimpse the waters of the creek on my daily walks. Springbrook drains into the Willamette River, then running east and north, to the great Columbia River, which, of course, empties into the Pacific Ocean.  I wonder whether the Springbrook stream supported a salmon run at any time in its history.  Today, as far as I can observe, it supports both mosquitoes and water-skippers.  And kids who play with boats in its gentle waters.

The lovely name, Springbrook, the Wikipedia article states, is a name given by the original settler to his dairy farm.  The article doesn’t state how the Indians felt about the development of farming on their land, nor does it supply the Indian name for the land or the creek itself.  I surmise that the settler must have had a poetic talent to dream up such a sonorous name for his farm.

You're warmly invited to visit and enjoy Springbrook.  According to a sign on some still-vacant old pastureland, Springbrook will soon have a new motel/hotel facility.  You’ll be treated well in Springbrook in currently existing facilities; you don't have to wait for the new hotel.  See you soon, I hope.  

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