Friday, February 18, 2022

"Growing Green"--What's it mean now? A Couple of Thoughts.

 "Growing Green Two Ways" is the theme of this blog, as you undoubtedly know.  A clever cluster of words, but what the heck does  it mean?          In brief, it means finding ways to grow your own personal wealth (and, corporately, our society's wealth) in an environmentally friendly way.   

Now, early in 2022, we face twin threats of war and global warming, "Growing Green" takes on new meanings in consideration of these new situations we humans face.

To "Grow Green"--save a trip, enjoy your patio

Globally just now, the first new situation to address: the enormous war threat in Europe. War is expensive. War is highly pollutive. Therefore, warfare is not "growing green." 

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, should start considering green solutions to cap his inordinately long, long term in office.  In my opinion, to Grow Green he would need to avoid the anti-green, pollutive effects of warfare and refocus on the attainment of  environmental green-ness for Russia.  War in Europe, actually, is the "old normal" situation. What's new is the threat to a healthy planet implied by warfare.  In the case of Russia and the Ukraine, brighter Red results in duller green for the entire globe..

Second situation: global warming. Every day, it seems, the press and the internet bring more news of effects of global warming--glaciers continue to recede, thermometers shoot to record high temperatures. In this dire context, "Growing Green" might mean several things for individuals. I think of these behavior changes. Examples: fly less, drive your petroleum/gas-powered vehicle less, walk to nearby destinations, etc.

Third situation: now worshippers can substitute internet visits to places of worship for in-person attendance. I can speak from experience since my family has been doing this. It saves us time, travel costs from home to place of worship and return, provides a better sense of presence at the eucharist, enables us to understand the words of worship leaders, etc. Admittedly, worship via internet is a trade-off due to loss of personal interaction with fellow worshippers.   But even this loss can be overcome with on-line small group meetings.

I invite you, enthusiastically: use your internet-based connection ability to visit family, neighborly chat with friends, and more. Think of it, if you will, as a new dimension to the meaning of Growing Green. Extend it to groupings outside of religious worship, such as Scouting Group meetings.

Summing up, "growing green" today seems to mean the  cutting your consumptions of fossil fuels (automobile, airplane, petroleum-based utilities) and increasing your use of internet.  And searching out peaceful solutions in place of war.  Please add your own thoughts. Remember: Grow Greener Every Year, Month, Day.

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