Saturday, January 22, 2022

COVID ALL AROUND US. SO WHAT CAN WE DO to avoid it while carrying on semi-normal life?

      This morning, we awoke to an email from a neighbor, stating that a resident of the neighborhood had caught COVID. An aid car took treated a different neighbor for COVID last night. COVID everywhere, it seems, and probably it seems that way to most people on earth.   

     A few things we can do to protect ourselves.

    Mask up when around people. Ideally you want a mask labeled N-95. N-95s fit the fact tightly and filter through cloth your incoming air for breathing. I found my N-95 mask at a hardware store (turns out that electricians and others use them for work purposes. The label warned, not for medical use. My use is not for providing for medical use; it's for protection--for scouring the air for water droplets carrying COVID. What you want in a mask is filtering for small water droplets carried by incoming air. Many use masks when shopping, riding public transit, or attending class.

    Practice self-isolation when possible.  Example:  three younger people are here to celebrate a birthday. They and we have been inoculated by injection. Still, we'll all wear masks and not remove the masks to eat birthday cake together. We're having a great time but not risking COVID.  Avoid people when possible. Yes, you can still say, "Happy Birthday cousin," or whomever. 

Another example: use hand sanitizer when you've left a public place (e.g., grocery store.)

Use hand sanitizer, as glimmering in his left hand

    Self-isolation might apply to school attendance (learn at home via video), work (work at home), public meeting attendance (examples: church or concerts). 

    There's no guarantee that you can avoid the disease, but plenty of opportunity for you to carry on your life while practicing self-protection when possible, as cleverly as possible.

Any ideas from you? Share with you fellow readers by making a comment.   Thanks for reading and for contributing your ideas. Together we can control COVID. 






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