Saturday, December 11, 2021


                                           WAYS TO OVERCOME SEASON SADNESS


Are you sad? The joy of the season is celebrated on the internet with gift ideas and attractive merchandise. You’re supposed to feel great. And yet maybe you just don’t share that mood?

If you’re a bit blue, I share that feeling. Just now, where I live, the strong wind is blowing against the window and dark clouds are dumping rain on the roof.  Diseases, higher temperatures globally, political threats like Roman emperors in the time of Jesus. Homelessness everywhere. Darkness seems to prevail. Sad.

 What are we to do to lighten our spirits?

There’s an old example we can follow.  Wise people in Asia, 21 centuries ago, looked upward in a time of bleakness and saw a bright star. They mounted their steeds, trekked off in the direction of the the star and arrived at a what?  . . .at a stable?  Yes, just a stable. In which they found a mom, tending her newborn son, who was lying in a what? Yep, lying in a hay cradle. These wise men realized they’d found the light in the darkness. 


Their travelogue is recorded in the Christian Bible: Matthew, Chapter 1. Read it for yourself.

We envy these wise men. But can we follow their example? I think so.   

Some current ideas for you. First, on December 21, Jupiter and Saturn will be in alignment. This bright spot in the sky can be your star of Bethlehem. 

Or maybe your "bright star" is a new baby in a cradle--your own new child or that of a friend. Or maybe your star is a loving spouse. Or a friendship you rely upon. Maybe a cuddly pet dog. Or your mom or dad, who loves and guides you.  If you’re homeless, find a shelter you can duck into.

Bottom line: best to use the Advent period of waiting to identify your own star of hope.

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