Thursday, November 18, 2021


During that first American Thanksgiving 400 years ago, John Howland, a Mayflower passenger, undoubtedly gave thanks. He must have spoken with thankfulness that someone was able to throw him a rope when earlier, during the Atlantic passage, he'd been washed overboard by a huge wave. He was pulled back onboard.    

Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor, by William Halsall
(In public domain via Wikipedia)

Now consider a recent family Thanksgiving.  T-day was punctuated by television, tales and laughter all afternoon and into the evening. The family of eleven savored great food, lovingly prepared. Eventually, four adults said their goodbyes and drove off through the dark, rain-soaked night to their own homes miles away. The other seven stayed on for an overnight. The house was packed, like the Mayflower. Three adults slept in beds. Four kids slept on the living room floor.  

Bottom line: Thanksgiving is a wonderful day--a break from busy-ness filled with fun and thankfulness--a relief. Relief in a time of global social and political storm. 

For whom are we thankful? Most often, for those around us, like members our family, our neighbors, our fellow students, our teachers, our medical helpers, delivery employees, grocery store personnel, friends, responsible leaders, justice seekers.  Others that help you in your life. In short, we are thankful for "you".  The God of the universe will hear your Thanksgiving prayer.

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