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The weather got my attention this week: during the early morning of October 25, 2021, we in Newberg, OR lost electrical power. We'd lived with very high winds the previous day and night.

Neighborhood homes stayed dark and cold until 7 a.m., when power snapped back on. Strong southwest winds continued, however--leaves blowing every which way, intermittent showers of the deluge type.

We were hit by a "bomb cycle," according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency. N.O.A.A. stated that we Oregonians experienced the northern edge of a huge, intense storm that hit Northern California, 600 miles south, during the previous day. (N.O.A.A. also predicted that the East Coast could experience the tail end of this weather burst as the storm moved eastward across N. America.)

Such weather results from increased carbon emission. "Global warming" it's called. The general result is more intense storms, loss of snow cover, sea levels rising. This is regarded as the greatest threat to mankind.

 Other evidence of global warming in the Northwest: on Mt. Rainier, yes in my lifetime, the glaciers have shrunk. I remember standing within the National Park on the sidewalk over the Nisqually River as a child. My dad would point out the nose of the Nisqually Glacier. Today, the nose of the glacier cannot be seen from the bridge. The glacier recedes about three feet a day!

Recent National Park Service Photo of Mt. Rainier
(not much snow and ice left)

Are the nations of the world doing anything to slow or stop global warming? The 2021 United Nations Conference on Global Warming will begin Sunday, October 31, in Glasgow. That sounds promising, but I advise you to watch for commentary by the climate activist named Greta Thornberg. She's pessimistic about Global Warming conferences. 

Can private citizens help combat global warming? Here are several ideas:

Purchase electric vehicles.

Drive less / use mass transit, which is relatively energy efficient.

Push for renewable sources of energy: solar, wind power.

Conserve energy, insulate, replace old appliances at home.

Plant trees, protect existing trees.

Email political authorities and insisst on action to cut carbon emissions.

Vote for political candidates who commit to cutting carbon emissions.

Parents in particular: raise your kids to be green. This website can help:



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