Wednesday, October 13, 2021


"BOO" (and hello) Friends: and let's make Hallowe'en 2021 fun and exciting for all.

Sadly, this is another COVID-challenged  Hallowe'en. Disease is the real boogeyman/boogeywoman this year. I aim to post ideas that can help you to enjoy Hallowe'en while avoiding the COVID boogeyperson.

Hallowe'en 2021: orange pumpkins + masking strongly suggested

Be safe.

For starters, remember that Hallowe'en began centuries ago as the eve before All Saint's Day, on which Christians celebrate great early leaders of Christianity. In places, this noble religious motive has been buried under the avalanche of superstition. 

Example of that:  on October 31, 1960, my traveling partner and I had arrived in a modest-sized town in northern Germany. Upon parking by the town cemetery on that dark evening, we saw that every grave was hosting a lighted candle. An entire cemetery with hundreds of candles punctuating the dark evening air. Why? A  town resident gave us an explanation: the light will keep the spirits of the buried dead from circulating through the town and frightening people.  

Interesting, right?--but it would be better, I think, just to thank God for the model Christian lives of the saints of the past. That's something you can do on November 1, 2021, All Saints Day, on your own or with others in a gathering.

Masking is actually an offshoot of the remembrance of the saints. Treating the masked kids well is the idea behind trick-or-treating. If you don't treat these parading young "saints" carefully they'll trick you in retaliation.   But this year, here's something else to consider: the treat-provider should also mask and remember to keep six feet of social distance.  

Don't have a mask yet? Get a free one--they're available widely at medical facilities and supermarkets. Once you've got the mask, you can mark it up/decorate it any appropriate way you can imagine with ghost images, bat images, spider images. . .do your own thing.  Trump COVID and create your own Halloween mask.

How to treat and still maintain social distance. One idea is to leave a dish of treats on a stand near your household door. Answer the door knock and in writing and verbally instruct trickers to take one piece each. Pin a note reading "one piece person person" on the treat-container. You'll be safe and they'll be safe. That's what we all want: a fun and joyful evening with no worry about spreading COVID.

You get the idea and can think of other ideas on your own.  One thought I had is to trick/treat on-line. If you can suggest a way to treat on-line, click the comment button and let us all know.  Please.

Time for me to quit I guess. Woops, one other thing: 'twould be great if you would share your idea(s)  about how to have fun and also be COVID-safe on Hallowe'en.  Please click on the comment button and have at it.   



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