Friday, September 10, 2021

"LET IT SHINE": a hugely practical camping night light shows the way in social trecking too


A Lantern Sheds Light to Us about the Way Ahead

        Months ago, my dear wife found and ordered a lantern from an on-line dealer. It was "a camping lantern," she said. You can find the lantern at Lee

        Since the order arrived, this little lamp has sat on a shelf in our bathroom.  Only recently have I begun to discover how useful the camping lantern can be at home. I've now come to use it at night to avoid waking my sleeping bed-mate. Example: I use the camping light when I write a to-do note to myself on a yellow sticky-pad at 4:00 a.m.  I use it in the closet to avoid turning on the overhead light, which casts light into the bedroom--enough light to be a nuisance to a person sleeping there. I'm discovering additional uses of the light every day or two.

    In the photo you see the lantern in its permanent home.

A-shining in my home

Very light weight (about 1.25 lbs.), the lamp measures about 9 inches tall. It sheds light downward, illuminating a 360-degree circle on a surface below.  Convenient. Great design for use both while camping and while in the home.

For months, I just observed the lamp, admired its unique shape and design as if it were an ornament or something, but I did not actually use it. But three months ago did I discovered how useful it can be for night-time bathroom visits, other early morning activities of any sort while other family members are still sleeping and so forth.
This lamp calls to my mind a song I learned in my Church School class decades ago.  "This little light of mine--I'm gonna let it shine. Let it shine 'til Jesus comes, this little light of mine. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine." Honestly, as an "oldie,"  I love those words still--all these years later.  Actually, they're inscribed indelibly in my brain. 

Further, the little-lamp relationship to night-time darkness around the home prompts me to think of individuals and groups who mill about in the moral darkness of rumor and conspiracy theories. We in the U.S. live, according to some dismal reports, in a failed, broken state. Examples: the storming of the Capitol in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021. Another: the millions of citizens who blindly refuse to accept the COVID vaccination. We live, according to some, in a failed, broken society. I don't agree, but I do find that the camping light metaphor can help us find our way out of the current political and moral darkness.  

Furthermore, the childhood song teaches us to react this way:  "Lamp of mine.  Hide it under a bushel? No! I'm gonna let it shine." Join me in applying these words to yourself in your family, your community, your society, your nation.  

It's time to switch on our sometimes-neglected Lanterns of religious and moral teaching and the light of scientific findings. Let them shine.  Let us carry the torch, let's illuminate the dark corners of our nations and cities and towns--in the U.S.A, in Africa, in Europe and around the entire world. Our lights sit on the shelf, waiting to be switched on. When we move the button from off to on, individuals and organizations of all sizes (school boards, businesses, governments, religious organizations) will find wide paths to higher quality, greater justice and equality, and to enduring strength. 

We can access the light.  Switch it on. Let it shine.  Can you find ways to join me in doing that? Please click the reply button and leave a message for me and others. Tell us about your lamp.

posted 9/10/2021

Recommended background reading: go to "" and click on "Conspiracy Theories and Human Psychology."

This Little Light of Mine Available at Lee / Lanterna

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