Saturday, September 4, 2021


26 years after surviving a massive thrombosis, what does one say? If you're in that position I'd surely like to read your thoughts. Hear are a few of mine. Where was I that fateful day, September 6, 1995--26 years ago? In Portland, OR., at work in the Progressive Securities building. Early in the day, I was working on budget matters in my 2nd floor office. Suddenly I felt very weak and faint. My Co-workers (Carsten and Rob), found me lying on the floor, in pain. Chest pain. They immediately telephoned for help. An ambulance arrived. The crew quickly maneuvered me onto a stretcher and carried me from the second floor down the staircase, carefully finagling a difficult U-turn, and loaded me into the ambulance. They toted me, siren wailing, to the emergency room of the nearby Oregon Health and Sciences University Hospital. I give heartfelt thanks thanks to the Progressive Securities staff and to the ambulance crew for their prompt life-saving action! Thank God I was neither out on a Mount Rainier trail nor driving from Tacoma to Portland that morning, but was at work just a mile from O.H.S.U. In the Emergency Room, the team quickly concluded that I was suffering a massive coronary thrombosis. They began treatment. My co-workers at Progressive had already telephoned Lucy, my wife (she was in our Tacoma home lazily enjoying her first day of retirement after her long teaching career). Lucy notified our two kids. Then she rushed to my bedside in Portland. Lucy and the kids--my great family--arrived later in the day. We had a reunion--both tearful and joyful. I stayed in the hospital room for several days. Looking back, I appreciate greatly the bedside visits from family, nurses, doctors, clergy friends and other friends. When I was finally released, my co-worker, Jim, drove Lucy and me to our home in Tacoma. t's amazing to me that, 26 years later, I'm feeling quite well. I enjoy taking 60-minute early morning neighborhood walks each day. I help my wife maintain our home in the Friendsview Retirement Community, Newberg, Oregon (I've already walked three miles and vacuumed the house this morning, just as I do every Saturday). I'm doing okay. Amazingly well in fact. I attribute my recovery and survival since that September 6, 1995, health emergency to an array of supporters. To skilled medical staff who've helped me over the years--those both in Tacoma and Portland. To developers of medical technology--especially I'm thinking of my pacemaker/defibrillator. I thank unknown teams of chemists who research heart medications, and to manufacturers and pharmacists who then distribute and sell such meds. I also thank my country, all the citizens of the United States of America, for our Medicare program that sustains and helps every heart patient meet the expenses that each of us faces. I thank the Great Force (i.e. "God" in English) that creates, conserves, and saves the universe, especially this amazing little chunk-in-space we humans who live, move, and have our being on earth. Dear reader-friend: I'd love to know your thoughts re. experiences like mine; click "comment" or just email me: And thanks for visiting the blog-site. You're welcome here every week.

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