Saturday, August 14, 2021


Where do you live? and does it seem good? ? More to the point does it seems as good now as it did before the plague called Coronavirus In medieval Egypt, waves of bubonic plague weakened entire tribes and nations. Is coronavirus a plague? It sure seems o.k. to me to call it such. Plague is a widespread contagious disease caused by a virus. My retirement community forbids public gatherings, requires masking and social distancing. my community's case this isolation has been worthwhile. It's limited the spread of the virus to virtually nothing. It's like living a hermit life, however. School: students of all ages interact with teachers and professors by media channels. "Home schooling" of this sort has become standard practice, at least temporarily. Grocery shopping. Want to avoid crowded aisles in the grocery store? In my town the shopper can order groceries via the internet and pick them up by automobile without going into the store--or even have them delivered to the shopper's home. Social and economic life continue amid the modern plague. It absolutely seems possible to me that a biological disease hastened a social transformation. Education, work, entertainment, and many other facets of life can be conducted to a large extent without leaving home.

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