Sunday, May 9, 2021

How are we to communicate with opponents amid social division?

I heard a preacher today (Sunday, May 9, 2021). She is the Rev. Shauna McCauley, Canon for Cathedral Life at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Portland, OR. She's such a helpful preacher/teacher. She consistently addresses real human problems from a Bible point of view. 

 This morning she addressed the American current conflict over racial issues and political control. The touchstone event she identified was the recent riotous attack on the Capitol building in Washington, D.C.  

Rev. McCauley advised us to maintain our points of view but to listen to the other side in the debate and seek common ground. Don't give up seeking to build and rebuild a society that is continuous and works for all the citizens. A solution can emerge from that sort of communication--if opponents maintain love and respect for the other through the time of disagreement. Two values coexist: communication and love.

Rev. McCauley certainly recognized that such a style of dealing with confrontation isn't easy. But it can work. A stronger society will emerge in time. That's the pattern for families and the pattern for societies. Be a realist but keep the value of "one nation, under God". . .keep that idea alive.

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