Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Coyote On The Golf Course!

 Yesterday (11/11/2020) I was walking around the perimeter of the Chehalem Glenn golf course near my home:

 It advertises itself as the "Fantastic Golf Course in Wine Country." "Fantastic" is correct in my opinion, but the advertising doesn't give all of my reasons why I agree with the advert.

The course is fantastic for its gorgeous design, wonderful views of small Western Oregon-sized mountains to the west, north and east. For its golfers and walkers--additional views of a wonderful large farmer's field and a great forest of very tall Douglas fir trees. Very Oregon!  But that doesn't cover every bit of interest. All of that is fantastic, but here's another.

Months ago, at one point along the perimeter trail, I saw a coyote staring at me, not more than 50 yards away. Actually, it seemed a lot closer and got my heart rate to rise a few notches. It stared at me across the grass, then disappeared into the woods behind it. No problemo.

But yesterday I met a woman walker on the perimeter trail, quite close to my previous sighting of the coyote. She warned me: there's a coyote up there. She pointed in the direction I hoped to walk and from which she'd just come. 

I asked, "Well, how did your dog react?" Like many walkers on the perimeter trail, she held a leash, but in her case with a large, unique black dog on the other end. 

She said, "Oh, he was calm. He's a retired police dog, y'know."  We both laughed. "Ha, ha, ha."

Well, I told her I'd be on the lookout for the coyote. She went on with her guardian, the dog--and I, with no weapon and no protector dog--continued in the opposite direction. Only I diverged. Instead of walking along the perimeter trail I wisely cut across the golf course itself--using the manifcured green grass around Hole 14. 

When I reached the top of a green knoll and looked back, there was a coyote, just standing on the perimeter trail itself, looking right at me! 50 yards away. Was he hungry? I didn't know. I just stood still and stared him down. In a half-minute or so of this mind game--his mind vs. mine--he turned and walked off in the other direction. Five minutes later I climbed up another knoll. At the top I looked back, and he was still there, a-lookin' at me.

I love living near the countryside. Every day brings its sights and sounds, like the roaring motors of giant elevated pick-up trucks or the beauty of a sunset over western mountains. But coyote visits? Not so sure about that one.

Any thoughts? Please comment.

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At November 13, 2020 at 11:39 AM , Blogger Di Murphy said...

So fun to read your thoughts about the coyote's stare down with you. We were told when we moved here that small pets might be snatched up in the field across from the PCC by a coyote. The surrounding woods is their home after all. Of course Pax was not small so I never worried much, though I would not have wanted her to tangle on the trail when she used to run off leash while I walked. I don't know if she would have been an added protection or attraction! Hm?


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