Monday, November 9, 2020


Darrell Reeck, 11/9/20


Leaves--beautiful, bedecked in fall color--we’ve admired them on our curbside tree since they turned from summery green to fall red a couple of weeks ago. But this morning my dear wife called me to the front door to watch the red leaves falling en-masse--all at once it seemed--from the maple tree onto our curbing and the parking area. Neither of us have ever seen such a leaf-fall. It was like a steady stream of water going over a steep bank. By noon it was all over.  Now the tree is nearly bare--just trunk and branches, ready for winter. Amazing. In just a day.

Something similar has happened to the American President’s legal effort to turn the election around. David Bossie, Trump’s legal adviser charged with overseeing the legal campaign to reverse the president's loss, has been diagnosed with Covid-19. Several other high-level Trump staffers have been diagnosed with Covid-19. They are like falling leaves. Perhaps these poor staffers should have “sprayed” themselves months ago by wearing masks.

Our tree will revive next spring with buds and leaves. It’ll be beautiful, like a green balloon. Not so sure about the Trump legal effort this fall. Could be way to late.



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