Thursday, January 23, 2020


Ruth, a teenage "sis", is looking out for Lino, her younger brother. They're on the way to school.

Just like your family, right?

Well,  wait a minute. These two kids must pass border guards and wait in long lines both school-bound and returning home. Their school is in another country.

And here's why. Their home is in Juárez, Mexico but their school is in El Paso, TX, U.S.A.

The full story gives you many details of their daily passage. Their educational goals. Their fears. Their sacrifices of time: start to school early, get home late. Details of their sheer endurance. Their strength would exhaust most people.

Ruth and Lino on the way to school

Their school in El Paso is church-related. Makes me proud of the Texas Methodists who support the school.

The story raised a question in my mind: what is more effective in the long run? Border walls or border bridges? What do you think? I vote for BRIDGES.

Click here to link to the original story with its many photos.  Click here to link to Bishop's statement.


Photo used with permission of UM News

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