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Watching the world of nature--it's absolutely wholesome for your self. For your psyche, I really want to say. Or maybe your soul, your spirit.

Artists like Claude Monet enjoyed painting nature. Millions have been trilled by Monet's depictions of the seasons. Here's a famous Monet depicting Spring.

Claude Monet  

"Spring by the Seine"

Public domain; thanks to Wikimedia Commons

Monet makes springtime to be glorious. But in some respects a realist will find that it's a mess. Here's a photo of a sidewalk in my neighborhood, taken in early June, 2019. On my walk for happiness, I wondered:
  • The weeds are invading the sidewalk. Can anything deter them?
  • The drying out--the aging--of the vegetation. Is that a one-year lesson on the human life cycle? Here today, dried out soon, gone tomorrow. Bent and broken. Then gone for good?

The Lesson of the Weeds

Weed growth and even weed death convey some of their own truths, steeped in realism. But don't focus only on the ugly. Keep in mind other values of the plant cycle and the weather cycle.

Here's a brighter side:

Patches of Sunlight

Come spring and nature has a ton of goodness. In the woodland scene above, you can see an intriguing path from dimness to bright light. No, it's more than that.  It's the bridge, too. A human creation set into the natural world, leading to the light.  

It's like each spring is a bridge from the dark days of winter to the growing light of a new summer. 

This Week's Special Spring Treat, thanks to Head Culinary Expert

How quickly time passes! Seems to me as if the flowers have just begun blooming, but in fact I'm wrong and many one-time flowers have emerged as ripe. All of that happened in a flash of time. That's how it seems to me. Does it seem that way to you?

So, the flower fades; thus the bees must necessarily be very busy in spring. Otherwise they'd miss their cue. Humans are no different, though their seasons stretch out over a few short decades.

For me, observing nature leads to a better frame of mind than I could attain if I were limited to reports of brawls, barriers, blunders, and. . .well, power struggles and battles that mark so much of human effort to control others in order to benefit self. These days, yes, but also in the past.

Let's focus on springtime mode and on keep the dark side in its place. That's a hope. That's a possibility.

Here's a real-life example on 6/8/2019, just in: The American White House tried to block scientific testimony on climate change:  That's part of the brawl, currently. The weedy side of spring. The efforts of conservationists and environmentalists in all walks of life--that's best of the springtime. It's happening all at once. Focus on the light.

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At July 26, 2020 at 10:41 AM , Blogger Roger F. said...

So pleased to find this piece! And find a little more peace for our day.
Roger and Mary Friesen


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