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All over the globe people share a dream--the dream of a better life. That includes the emigrants fleeing Honduras.

Parts of the dream: family safety, education, medical care, jobs, adequate income, dependable social security, and respect from the government. Sub-dreams that fit into a package of  lifetime desires. It's always been that way. Politicians have a constitutional and God-given purpose: to help people to realize our dreams. Currently that burden/opportunity rests on Donald Trump.

President Trump's just now ordering troops to border to stop immigrants. Clever, duplicitous timing because the caravan is 1,000 miles south of border! No urgency. Bottom line: Trump is using govt. funds to win Nov. 6 votes. This makes all taxpayers into campaign donors whether they like it or not.

Consider this scenario. Recently I met an American woman with an amazing personal history. She lived in Liberia, West Africa, in 1961-63 as one of the first two Peace Corps volunteers in that country. (The other volunteer was her young husband.)

By chance I was in West Africa at the same time studying Christian ministries as part of my training for pastoring. When the former Peace Corps volunteer and I met a few months ago we had many similar memories to share. For one, we celebrated the positive worldwide impact of the Peace Corps.

President Kennedy founded the Peace Corps. I remember his message: "Do not ask what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country."

A few years later in my life when I'd become a professor in a fine liberal arts college, the University of Puget Sound, other faculty and I encouraged our students to volunteer for Peace Corps service. The University produced many volunteers. And, nationwide, according to Wikipedia, more than 220,000 Americans have serve in Peace Corps. What a success!

President John F. Kennedy greeting Peace Corps volunteers

Still today, people worldwide admire John F. Kennedy. He unified our dreams. 

This past week, I looked for a list of the most admired living person worldwide. Guess who's in first place. It's a corporate: Bill Gates, 

Bill, of course, developed software and built a great company, Microsoft. In the spirit of Kennedy and of Christian service, Bill and his wife Melinda went on to direct the Gates Foundation. The Foundation supports development projects worldwide. Example: I'm acquainted with the "Nothing but Nets" campaign, sponsored by Gates Foundation in cooperation with religious organizations to provide malaria nets in tropical Africa. Result: millions are living safer lives and realizing their dreams.

Now shift back to that list of the world's most admired persons. President Barack Obama is up on the list even though he's out of office now. President Donald Trump is 'way down the list. Actually, Chinese Premier Xi Jinping ranks fourth, 'way above Trump at seventeenth place. 

Trump's low rating is a tragicomedy because his apparent quest to become the most powerful man in the world. When people try for the wrong goal, well, life goes sour. 

Why isn't Trump at the top of the list? I think it's his inferior goal and message. He seems attention-seeking, divisive, bellicose and prideful. Histrionic.  

I hope that Trump will find healing for his prideful attention-getting approach. Because it's not working. He can change and succeed in lifting us and unifying our dreams. 

Donald, lift us and unify our dreams. QUIT RULING BY DIVIDING US. 

How could such a shift ever happen? Today through November 6, 2018, American citizens can help Trump find healing for himself and unity for us by voting for U.S. House and Senate candidates. Choose those committed to unite us and fulfill our dreams. 

My advice to Trump: if you want to change, go visit President Carter in his home in  Plains, Georgia.  Attend the Sunday school class Carter teaches. Ponder his teaching: "We should live our lives as though we believe Christ were coming this afternoon." Jimmy can help you, Donald.

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