Saturday, September 29, 2018


What can I say that others may not have said already? Maybe these five things.

On Thursday: Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, both even-tempered and logical. Very adult and commendable. That's Conclusion #1.

Christine Blasey Ford
Public domain photo via Wikipedia

On Friday: Kavanaugh was reportedly emotional, loud, and voicing exaggerated or untrue claims (for example: my reputation and family are ruined). His logic was poor: he blamed his troubles all on the Democrats and accepted none himself. I ask: is this behavior appropriate or a candidate for the Supreme Court? No way! Unacceptable. Why? Don't want to risk that kind of behavior on the bench! That's Conclusion #2.

Brett Kavanaugh
Public Domain photo via Wikipedia

Kavanaugh claims no recall of the supposed sex event. Let’s say that his claim of no recall is true. Now ask why would that be true? (1) He was very inebriated at the time. (2) He simply forgot this specific event. Possibly it’s faded into a history of such events. (3) It’s unlikely the event didn’t happen. Ford, however, has recalled it in detail and her story doesn't sound invented. Conclusion #3: Kavanaugh most likely occurred.

Senator Flake (AZ) demanded an F.B.I. investigation. Trump agreed. But the investigation is to last only one week. Most arbitrarily and unfair! The end of the investigation should be up to the F.B.I. Only the F.B.I. can determine adequate time for the investigation.

As a citizen I suggest to the F.B.I.: take whatever time is necessary to complete the investigation properly, in your professional judgement. If it takes more than a week, get an extension. That's Conclusion #4.

Conclusion #5: If Kavanaugh be seated on the Supreme Court (reward) just after Cosby goes to prison (punishment)—well, that will be very odd! Very unfair!

The bigger issue : The U.S. and other nations are amidst a needed and welcome cultural shift. Women are standing up for their equal rights. Kavanaugh and Trump represent the older values, Ford the new. Applaud the shift! (Oh-oh: I promised a limit of 5 conclusions and I've ended with 6. Sorry!)

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