Saturday, March 17, 2018


Chaos: confusion, disorder, energy loss. 

Regain: order, peace, calm, energy.

How do you stay calm?

President Trump is reported to have said, “I like chaos”. Not a lie. Administration by chaos (firings, specifically) was an overriding theme in the television series, “The Apprentice.”  The now-President Trump played the lead role, a 14 year rehearsal for a role in government.

Now the world sees federal administration by purposeful chaos in national government.

Of course, chaos because it sells. The current government is a daily source of chaos and fear imagery and stories. Grumpy facial expressions, abrupt firings. Reports by victims. These draw beaucoup internet hits. The world’s attention is grabbed daily. Chaos and fear worked in government and business. Why not in government? He's trying it for all it's worth.

After months of this chaos-and-fear climate I ask myself: how do you and I keep our cool, our strength, and our health amid the current induced wave of fear? Can I/we get some help?

Long before this wave of fear, people practiced the calming benefits of physical exercise. Depending upon your age and fitness, a run, a vigorous walk, a ride on a mobile or stationary bike will help. I’ve found that a gentle Tai Chi routine gives 30 minute of escape and an energy boost. Gardening: it’s spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Trim your roses. These ways will help your clear your mind.

In ancient times, people left the fear zone in the village and spent time out of doors. Jesus went to the wilderness. Muhammad regularly practiced meditation at the entrance of a cave. Likewise, a break-time in the desert or on a shoreline or up on a peak can help you regain your mental balance and your energy level.

More ideas: I’m also finding games that provide energy therapy. The internet is loaded with free, fun games. The AARP website is a bountiful source of games. Or try this search for additional free games. If you subscribe to a hard-copy newspaper, first go to the crossword puzzle, then go back to the front page. The masterful music of an organ concert helps.

No matter where you live, government may seek to attract and entrap you through inducing a climate of fear and chaos. Chaos and fear are effective. They grab attention. How should a citizen react? Be alert but don’t lose your moorings.

Morally, fall back on dependable principles like compassion, respect, justice.

None of the physical/mental/spiritual balance techniques above relieve you from doing your job well or working to achieve better government.

They do give you a break and restore your strength so that you can fight a better fight and rise up with wings like an eagle.


At March 19, 2018 at 3:33 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to to thank you for this very good read!!
I absolutely loved every bit of it. I have got you book marked
to check out new stuff you post…

At March 23, 2018 at 3:55 AM , Blogger Hal said...

Thanks, Darrell, for offering this prescription for the craziness of these days. You mentioned organ music. I shared a post on FB that describes the numerous benefits of music. I believe it complements what you've said here.


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