Saturday, February 17, 2018


Skiers, skaters, luge racers: television watchers have seen the best in the world on ice and snow for the past two weeks.

The real importance for viewers worldwide? The display of unbelievable skills is part of it. For sure. 

These young athletes performed seemingly impossible routines (midair somersaults, skiing backwards, pirouettes on ice). Also, they showed the raw courage required by such difficult feats while on worldwide television.

I laud the emotional resilience of the athletes. They celebrated their wins with grace. They accepted their defeats with composure.

After each ice skating act, what did we see? I saw skaters sitting with a coach and waiting for the result. When the result was announced, win or lose, they remained poised. Skiers learned their results much more quickly, even before they left the course. I noted that they responded, whether win or lose, with a mix of exuberance and evened-out emotions.

How lucky we viewers were to see observe skill and courage. We’ve got more time to absorb lessons. The closing ceremony is scheduled for Sunday, February 25, 2018.


What can we take away from the 2018 Winter Olympics to better our own lives? Especially, can we win a medal for a well-performed life?  Regardless of our ages and occupations, I believe that we can all learn from their examples of skills and emotional courage.

The real importance of watching the Olympic performances is this: each of us can find an act, a role, a profession, or a skill to cherish and to master. When we identify our talent, we can set high but attainable goals for our performance. We can train and rehearse with the best coach or teacher we can find. We must practice until our muscles ache. We’ll perform by the rules. We’ll enjoy our wins and accept our losses, with gratitude for the chance to live our lives. (Christian Bible: Hebrews 12: ". . .let us run. . .the race that is set before us. . . ."

For we non-Olympic athletes, what’s your specific race in life? Who’s your coach/teacher/model? Once you answer those two questions, I'll bet that you can win a medal for a great life-race. Go for it.!


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