Friday, December 8, 2017

BABY BUST, BABY BOOM: The birth of the greatest generation

What gives you an adrenalin boost? Reliving great moments?

For me, it's remembering:

  • Remembering my generous parents, 

  • Remembering my younger brother, as a kid.

  • Memory flashing on my pets,

  • Recalling my mountain and ocean adventures.

How about you? If you prize mountains and oceans, friends and family, the American Puget Sound country, you'll really love this book. These stories will bring back your own fond memories.

Baby bust and the birth of the greatest generation--1940's to 1960's. 

Find your memory prods in this acclaimed book.   Deals at Amazon Books. Click here:   $0.00 to $13.95 at Amazon Books.

Forward the page to your friends. Thank you! and a blessed holiday season to you.

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