Saturday, March 4, 2017


A Public Memo to the President of the U.S. 

Question marks (????) and exclamation points (!!!!)

Two M’s

Muslim (you’ve already shown by your actions your feelings about them) and. . . 

Methodists. Methodists are known for their social concerns and willingness to take on government. Will you start limiting the freedom of Christians and others to speak out???? I want you to know; it's  a worry.

Education.  You are pushing school choice and a voucher program. There’s already a lot of school choice in America! Home schooling, magnet schools, charter schools, private schools of many types, some state voucher programs. You've said that students should be free to attend the best school for them. Agreed, and I think they already have that freedom!!!!

So. . .what do you actually mean by school choice? Will your policy avoid leading to more racial segregation? Or is more racial segregation hidden in the agenda????

A heart-warming school story for you. Friday evening 3/3/2017, students in a public middle school in my neighborhood staged a student talent show. I attended and confess to having harbored a ho-hum attitude as the lights dimmed. From the first act I was amazed at their talent. polish, courage as they shared their talent. Even the video recording and announcing was entirely in student hands. Kids growing, performing, cheering and prospering together. I estimated that half of the student performers were white and half were of African-American, Latino, Asian and Middle Eastern backgrounds.  This show spoke to me of what education is about now. 

I hope public education prospers in your administration!!!! 

However, skeptics think you’ve launched the destruction of public education in America. Where's the truth????

Muzzling of federal employees. It's circulating among citizens that federal employees are being told not to make public presentations concerning global warming. Up to you to stop the muzzling of federal employees!!!! 

Russia and your election. There are many innuendos pro and con in circulation. What are the real facts????  What do you know???? Are you willing to tell what you know???? It’s imperative that American citizens know the full details. 

By seeming to hide something, members of your administration are contributing to the confusion and an atmosphere of distrust. Let the truth out!!!! Pledge to support independent investigations now underway!!!! It's in your job description to do so.

Your spending plan. You propose an expensive border wall and a big infrastructure building program. That amounts to a federal spending speedup. My family wonders how the nation will pay for this many billion dollar bill. 

There’s high risk that increased spending will result in prompt real economic growth. The economy is running well at the moment. Further economic growth likely will lead to inflation, won’t it???? And to higher interest rates. And to higher government debt. And the border taxes likely will lead to higher costs in the grocery store. More day-to-day costs will probably offset any tax savings you might achieve. 

Net, net: my fellow citizens and I could be big losers economically from your spending program. We, our children and grandchildren will be stuck with paying down the debt. 

So, in spending and in all your plans, let us have detail!!!! Let us have facts!!!! Get your plans out on the table!!!!


Do your own thinking. 

Stop tweeting.

I thank you. 

Signed:                                   A Methodist citizen.

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