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What will we Americans hear from the bully pulpit Tuesday evening, February 28, 2016, during the joint meeting of the Senate and the House of Representatives?
“    "Make American great again.” This attractive theme is shopworn from campaigning overdose. Still, I'd be surprised if it isn’t preached again from the bully pulpit.

Speech will look llike this: President Barak Obama addressing a joint session.
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The theme as it’s been preached so far projects a gross deception about the condition of the nation. Why so?

First, the theme is categorical. It denies that America is great in any way. In fact, America is great in many ways.

Second, a surprise! (Or maybe no surprise at all for many.) American greatness is at greater risk now than before November 8, 2016!

Item: derision of our free press as “fake” from the bully pulpit of presidency pulls the rug from under American greatness. Read of just this one incident: the derision of the press. It's chilling.

To call such reporting “fake” damages one of our fundamental great values: freedom of the press. America is attacked and weakened as we watch.

A second item: the denial of immigration undercuts our singular greatness of welcoming the refugee:  "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. . . .” (Statue of Liberty inscription.) 

Didn’t we all learn this in school? Yet, on Tuesday night, you might hear the opposite message.

A third item: promised prosperity:
         More jobs for Americans through government spending on highways, bridges and airports. Plus lower tax rates for business to increase profitability and growth. Lower tax rates on personal income.

Be critical here. Do your math. (A) Infrastructure expansion requires increased federal spending to pay for contractors and materials. (B) Lower tax income decreases federal income.  A + B = (C) greater borrowing and growth of the national debt.

The economy right now is in very good shape  (link pulls in Hale Stewart for a review of economic indicators) and the 6-8 month outlook is for further strength. That explains the stock boom since November, 2016. Thank Obama for leaving us with a good economy.

Agreed: “Make America great again” is a great campaign slogan. 

But in regard to government spending to boost the economy, it’s deceptive. Yes, you’ll enjoy lower commute time. But interest rates and rate of inflation will rise and your children and grandchildren will labor under a still greater debt burden required by spending to reduce your commute time. It's fake prosperity.

On Tuesday night you’ll definitely hear overblown promises and witness standing ovations.

To avoid getting carried away emotionally by the cheers and clapping be cautious, be critical.

Keep your critical reasoning powers intact. Evaluate the speech for yourself.

How? Make a list of three or four points that make American truly great in your opinion.

Examples for your TRUE AMERICAN GREATNESS list:

1, our democracy,

2, the Statue of Liberty inscription of welcome,

3, freedom of speech and press, and

4, the final five words of the pledge of Allegiance: “justice and liberty for all.”

Then, after the speech, answer this question: does the speech match your list? If so, great. If not, why not? Then: if not, what are you going to do about it?

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