Saturday, December 31, 2016

SUGGESTED NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS--for dogs, cats, parents, students, etc. etc.

Satterfield Cartoon, 1904
In the public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Resolution: what does that mean?
  • Generally, a promise about better behavior. Fantastically better!
  • Behavior change? Yes, exactly. You're going to download a behavior upgrade or even a new life orientation. Read my description of a resolution-making process in Switzerland. Scroll down to the "Dogma Chateau" section of "European Paths.
Suggestions (some very straight, others with satire.)

For a student:
  • I will give more attention to the teacher's instructions.
For a teacher:
  • I'll treat every student equally according to his/her needs.
A parent:
  • Give greater attention to rewarding good behavior. If I find any, that is..
An employee:
  • I'll be thankful for my employment.
  • I'll study my supervisor's obligations and help him/her meet them.
A resentful man or woman:
  • I'll find something positive and forget the insult, the rejection--and do unto others as I'd have them do unto me if I were in their situation.
A family cat:
  • I'll quit scratching the sofa.  (Update 1/1/2017: one cat owner suggests, "I'll meow less!" A musician countered: "I'll meow melodiously.") 
The family dog:
  • I'll quit chasing the family cat.
For a blogger:
  • I'll supply readers' needs, not just my own needs.
For a person with just a streak of independence:
  • "I resolve to make my own resolution, thank you!"
For a national political figure (any nation, anywhere):
  • I will prefer others to myself and behave extremely humbly before my God!


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