Saturday, November 28, 2015


For you, I hope that you enjoyed Thanksgiving and Friday (a vacation day for school kids and many workers). Personally, my Seattle family and Portland families have teamed up for an entire weekend of fun and fellowship. I'm going to stick with them very tightly.

The weekend has already provided some time for discussing the holiday. One of the great memories of my wife and myself is our visit to Plymouth, Massachusetts and the rebuilt Plymouth Colony, the venue for the first American thanksgiving, possibly in 1621 in Massachusetts.

It happens that I married a descendant of John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley, original Plymouth Colony settlers who, of course, debarked from the Mayflower in 1620. That was so long ago that my fingers want to type 1920. I've find I have no consciously direct my forefinger to press "6" instead of "9". 

It was fun, this weekend, to dig out the 1939 publication entitled The Howlands in America, a hand-me-down in my wife's family, now residing in our bookcase.   

Also fun reading: Plymouth Poppet; The Adventures of a young Girl in Plymoth Plantation, 1623-1627, by our friend, Margaret Tubbs Barton. The book is part factual and part fiction, resulting in a melange of seventeenth century seafaring and storms, arriving in the New World, relating to the Wampanoag tribal people, food, house construction, and relationships among the colony's citizens.

Back to reality. Here in Bethany, Oregon on the outskirts of Portland, today, November 28, 2015, is bright, clear and chilly. We'll have some more of the family fun we've enjoyed starting Thursday. It's special for me as they're all super people.

I hope you enjoy your weekend! Please return next Saturday for another post. 


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