Saturday, August 15, 2015


Right: A scene in the Quartier Latin

Which is it: "like" Paris or absolutely love Paris?

Paris is jammed with tourists this summer of 2015, and perhaps you're among them, or have been earlier in the season. People love Paris.

The city is the setting for operas, movies, and true life stories of love and hate. It's admirable and lovable for its architecture, geometrically formatted with broad boulevards and studded with monuments. It's a city of light and love.

I've loved Paris since I was introduced to it in 1960. You can quickly navigate to some love/hate stories based on my early experiences there. Right on this blogsite, go to Tab 3 ("European Paths) (click here). For a fun starter section, click down 30 times and find a heading, "A Swiss Guide into Paris." Four more down-clicks will bring you to  the heading, "French Waiter Throws a Tantrum".

Just read and enjoy. Imagine that you're sitting at a table with Ernest Hemingway at the famous restaurant, Les Deux Magots. You've got the setting. Now have some fun.
If you like those paragraphs, read on to find others that'll entice you and tickle your funny bone. You're in the European  section of  the e-book, "Straying Home."

Thanks for reading.


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