Friday, June 6, 2014


As an alum in grief, I’ll share but two thoughts of many about Thursday’s crime.

The gun-shooting at Seattle Pacific on Thursday, June 5, is seen by many as a detestable episode within a spiraling culture of guns in America. 

In 1959 I was employed as a senior student dormitory proctor at Seattle Pacific. I was given training for the position but none in protecting dorm residents against a gun attack. There was no need for it.

I applaud the university administration and the campus safety program at Seattle Pacific for training its student proctors and building monitors to deal with the hitherto unthinkable—a shooting on campus.

Equally, John Meis, the building monitor who bravely subdued the gunman, and the additional students and faculty who restrained the gunman and prevented him from reloading until police took over, are heroes. Let us honor them while we grieve the deceased, the wounded, and their families.

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