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Page 6: how to buy Darrell's print book: "Growing Green Two Ways!", a companion to this blog.

Growing Green Two Ways!  A Unique Capsule in Time

Darrell's 2014 book is the perfect gift for high school students and graduates for summer reading. They'll enjoy Darrell's stories of growing up in the Pacific Northwest. Student stories from fabled Jason Lee Junior High School and Stadium High School in Tacoma; college in Seattle; wanderings in the Olympic Mountains and Cascade Mountains, and much more. Darrell's self-discoveries will provide takeaways for today's kids trying to establish their own identities.

Seniors will enjoy the book. It'll help them bring back their own memories of school and college days, wherever they grew up.

Takeaways: Pacific Northwest, urban and wilderness alike. World War II. Parent-child relationships and strains. First loves.

Get more information by clicking on the heading above. It's linked to the book page on Amazon. Good reading to you!


Sample Photo: Dad (Clarence Reeck) began training me in
two important Pacific Northwest undertakings:
fishing (the salmon was as long as I was tall)
and 'green' gardening (note the compost heap
behind me).
‒ Darrell