Friday, December 2, 2022


It's Cold!  You want hot chocolate?  Here's a medical reason to enjoy it.  

or. . .

 Do you suffer cognitive decline?  If so, there may be unexpected help.

Today, I stumbled onto an article that claims that 3 grams of chocolate per day, or 15 grams of chocolate per week, will help slow the progress of cognitive impairment in older people.  According to the article, mild cognitive impairment affects some 25% of persons 80 years of age or older.  The risk factors include advancing not only age but also disengagement in intellectual activity.

How does one know that he/she is suffering cognitive impairment?  The article suggests that the signs include compromised memory, language ability and critical thinking.  Cognitive impairment is less serious than dementia but may proceed to dementia.  

Those who experience the signs of cognitive impairment can visit a neurologist-physician, who can test your cognition and diagnose impairment.  Impairment is reversible.  The article reports and 15% to 42 % of patients improve after the initial diagnosis.   

You can read the book:  Gary Wenk, Your Brain on Food, 3rd edition, 2022.  Or read the on-line resource:  "Why Chocolate could save your brain," Psychology (Sept. 3, 2022.)  Other life-style care recommendations include physical activity, continuous learning, social engagement, adequate folic acid, a diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in sugar and saturated fats and alcohol.  And this tidbit:  3 grams of chocolate per day.  "Molecules in cocoa may reduce cognitive decline if provided daily and in adequate dosage for many years."    

Thank you, Dr. Gary Wenk.  



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