Saturday, November 12, 2022

Two Good Things to be Thankful for: Normal Weather and Political Waves

     Something very welcome has occurred in my part of the planet Earth:  welcome weather.  Yes, here in Oregon state, close to the Pacific Ocean, it's been warm, often with smoky air, for months.  Then, a few days ago, the rains (driven by Pacific Ocean storm weather) streamed across our little part of the globe.  The rain dampened forest and grassland fires.  Today, we enjoy smoke-free air, abundant sunshine, few clouds, and low wind speed.  Golfers are enjoying their game, trees are showing their fall colors and dog-walkers and their dogs are happy.  


                                       Fall Sun Streams in through the South Window

     Just now, I'm trying thinking for Thanksgiving.  For what might we give thanks?  I'm proposing thanking our Creator for this planet earth, with its seasonal weather cycles for one. Simple idea, maybe, but a really important one. 

    Another idea:  thanking our Redeemer for the good common sense of American people exhibited in the middle-of-the-road voting patterns in mid-term elections just concluded here in the U.S.  

    There's more, of course.  The excitement of fall football games, a good hunting season for many enthusiasts.  One could add in thanks for people and groups who help the less fortunate get warm shelter and adequate food.  

    Whatever your concept of God might be, I'd guess you'd join me in thanking our Creator and Sustainer for life and sustenance.   You can do that daily, of course, but especially on November 24, 2022.      

    And I thank you for reading and musing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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