Saturday, August 20, 2022

School beginning soon for your kid? Some tips for parents.

Is your child entering preschool or elementary school this month? Here are some "how to help" ideas from teachers. It may frighten your child and be a little sad for you as you leave the school room door. For him or her, it's just "other kids and me with the teacher" and, most likely, no parent present. (This may vary depending on school policies.)
One suggestion from a former teacher of elementary kids: at the end of the school day, be sure to arrive at the school door at dismissal time. Your student will run to you and be thankful that you're there to hear about what she/he did and learned today. Actually, it might be best to arrive at the school door a few minutes before dissmissal time. You can be almost certain that your child will be looking for you. Take his/her hand and walk or ride home. On the way or at home, converse about what she/he did at school. What did he/she enjoy? Did he/she have any problems? The conversation is bound to be refreshing for both of you. The child may not be able to tell you a thing except what fun they had at recess. Make sure your kid has the "tools" he/she needs at At home, sit down and enjoy cookies and milk with your child. Cuddle up with your child and read a favorite Crayons or pencils. Lunch-time goodies, perhaps. You might ask, "who did you meet?" "Did you see any neighborhood kids you know?" You're helping your child through a transition moment: separation from time away from Mom and Dad, more reliance on self than before. It's an important time and I know it'll be a good time for you. If you have a concern, write a note to the teacher. All the best for you, your kid(s), and your community. (And thanks to my spouse, an elementary level teacher of many years of experience, for help with this post.)



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