Saturday, June 25, 2022

Summer: let it begin


Summer's here, right?  Well, enjoy!  Have a little fun!

Summer's here?  If you're reading this and you live below the equator, you'll think I'm nuts.  I'm living above the equator, however, so actually I'm not nuts.  At least not about this matter.  It's really summer now, here at least.

How do I know that it's really summer?  First, the green leaves bedecking every deciduous tree in the neighborhood.  I observe them (both limbs and leaves) carefully on my walks (well, okay. . .I don't count every leaf.  I admit that.  I just eyeball the tree and say, "gosh, lots of leaves there!")    

Also, I see flowers!  Perennials, like roses.  Annuals, like pansies.  There blooming now, and beautifully.

Finally, the sun shines in our east-facing kitchen window very early in the morning.  My weather report tells me it occurred at 5:24 a.m. today.  Since I got up sleep at 5:00 a.m. today (really true, I'm not joshing you) I could/I did observe the sunrise.  It was the earliest in this calendar year.

What else?  Oh, I forgot the high temperature.  These next two days we, here in Western Oregon, U.S.A., will see high temperatures in the high 80- and mid 90-degree zone for the next two days.  That's why I walked before breakfast today.  Warm days sounds great, I suppose, but at ground level it raises the risk of forest fire, especially considering that the heat wave is accompanied by relatively high winds.

Well, lay back, grab a tasty drink of refrigerator-cooled water, let in the cool night air, keep out the hot daytime air.  That's about it for me, I think.  Hope you enjoy the beach if that's on your plan.

One other thing:  support the Build Back Better Bill.  Vote for future generations  

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