Friday, May 6, 2022


 It is really tough to park downtown to go shopping and then walk from your parking garage on past homeless people on the way from your car to the  door of the merchant.  The homeless people aren't necessarily asking you to help them, and you don't know what you could do to help them.  

It's very refreshing to find examples of help for the homeless.  In article this past week in "The Tacoma News Tribune" stands out because it tells the story of a United Methodist congregation in Spanaway, Washington, a suburb of the city of Tacoma.  The congregation has found a way to help the homeless. Here's the link:  

At Portland, Oregon's Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, homeless persons are welcome to tent on the Cathedral lawn and to use a designated restroom.  The homeless are given an opportunity to talk and be heard.  

Again, in Tacoma, Washington, the Associated Ministries organization assists various homeless ministries in the city by assisting to coordinate their efforts. 

Astonishingly, homelessness is growing in America.  Judy Woodruff reports:  htps://  

 I ask you to read the reports you can access via the links printed above.  Ask yourself if the problem is being addressed in your town, your area.  Do a search, online or otherwise, to find out.  If you find such a program, I invite you consider contributing time or money to an organization that is aware of the homeless and seeking to support it as a volunteer or with a financial gift.    

Thanks for reading this special post.  Let's work together to help the homeless regain shelter and food.




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