Friday, April 22, 2022

Friends! Let's welcome him. Pres. Biden in Pacific Northwest--thoughts of a native

 President Biden arrived in Tacoma area yesterday (Thursday, 4/21/2022).  According to one of my friends who lives in Tacoma and right under the flight path to McChord Air Base, there was a lot of air traffic.  I can imagine the scene, even though I was out of the immediate area, because I grew up in Tacoma and spent many adult years under that flight path.  

It's just great to realize that the President is right here in the Northwest this week.  He visits Seattle, Portland, Whidbey Island.  I live in the Portland, Oregon area and he'll be here in town today.  Welcome, Joe Biden!

Trillium blooms on forest floor: 
a current scene along my daily walking path.
I hope sights like this remain for generations to come.

He couldn't be here at a better time because it's the international Earth Day today.  We earthlings have screwed up the climate, with rising ocean water levels, decreasing snow packs, increasing forest fire danger in recent summers.  

Frankly, I worry about the condition of the world my generation is leaving for our grandchildren.  Unless we can reverse present trends, they'll face more severe forest fires and higher sea levels.  At the worst extreme, how long will the earth be livable for human populations?

I am delighted that private business (Microsoft, for example, along with some others) is striving to be carbon negative, water positive, and decrease in waste.  I'm delighted that the American government and other national governments are working toward climate positive goals.  President Biden is leading the the pack.  I celebrate his presence in the Northwest of the U.S. A. today and laud his environmental initiatives.

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest, President Biden!


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