Saturday, March 19, 2022


First Day of Spring: March 20, 2022. 

 I'm writing this post, looking up from the screen and out of a window at a sky-full of dark clouds below and white clouds above, and even some glimpses of normal blue sky 'way above.  And only two yards from my window, flower buds on bushes and leaf buds on trees. In the hedge, birds scouting out a nesting site. Confirmation that we're only a day from the season of Spring.

What's it like around the planet? Is it dying? 

At the polar extremes, much hotter than normal at North Pole. Hotter than normal at South Pole too. Glaciers melting at both poles. Sadly, glaciers melting right here in North America--on Mt. Rainier for example.

The global "human temperatures, too, are way above normal because of war in the Ukraine and the massive suffering. Reportedly, the Russian ruler orders troops and deadly missiles into Kyiv and other cities and towns.  He's in a bunker, safely isolated there from the human heat--specifically the human toll in Ukraine and Russian opponents of the invasion. 

About this "human climate change", Pope Paul is quoted as saying, "It's a senseless massacre." Likewise, the conscientious U.S. President Biden has called the invasion "tragic, unnecessary." Thank you, Pope and President, and European leaders as well, for speaking out and acting. Regrettably, China's voice, so far, is silent. 

What can the mass of people do to improve the outlook for the planet and for the people of Ukraine? In a month, billions of us will celebrate the resurrection of Someone from the dead--Jesus, of course.  I take that to be a divine promise that good will prevail ultimately, and even the current global warming and war will cease.

We humans today must do faithful and ecologically green things to make the Easter promise happen.  Enormous thanks to the Pope and political leaders who are showing the way. All of us, Christians (Russian Orthodox included) and other religious believers as well, should follow these leaders and campaign for betterment conditions, and no better time to do so than right now--this spring and Easter.  Push for better environmental conditions and peace. 

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