Thursday, February 24, 2022

CAN YOU GIVE UP YOUR MASK? Two / three reasons not to discard it.



Before you give it up, consider the huge side benefits you're enjoying from keeping the mask and continuing to mask up.     

A side benefit of masking. I walk out of doors a lot and 50% of the year in cool or just plain cold air. I’ve found that my mask covers half of my face (nose, chin) and keeps all that facial skin warm! I’m not wanting to give that up! My nose tells me that it likes to stay warm, and masking is helping it to achieve its dream. A mask is to your nose (and your nose may be bigger than you think) what motorcycle goggles are to the eyes.

 Another side benefit is that your mask serves as an additional, easy-to-reach, and properly located   pocket. I have allergies that abound from vegetation that grows in the agricultural valley I live in. When I walk out of doors my eyes produce tears and my nose drips. When I started using a mask, I discovered how to use it as a pocket for Kleenex. The mask holds the Kleenex, which then absorbs my nasal drip! Fantastic solution to a big problem!

Those are my discoveries about two huge benefits of masking, beyond COVID disease control.  Maybe you or I will discover other things that we could, or should, carry in our new facial pockets. I’m going to try carrying candy.


 Bottom line: as a mask wearer, you could benefit enormously by using it intentionally as a pocket.  

 The admitted downside of a mask: those pernicious straps and strings that hold it in place on the face get tangled up with hearing aid wires/tubes and glasses frames. But I’ve just discovered a solution for that, too! Wear a tight fitting cap and place your map straps over the cap.


When the chief mask opponent gets into public office due to his masking-denial credentials, and then mandates NO-masking, what am I going to do? I can’t bear to think of that.  What will I do then? I will start a minority party, I guess, or maybe a New Year's Eve party that lasts months or a year.

And oh, by the way--have you tried kissing your loved one(s)--with both kissed and kisser being masked?  Try it. It's different!


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