Friday, February 11, 2022


 "Growing Green," the title of this blog, implies a truth: environment-friendly life style and also a secure financial position can be achieved together. That's what "growing green two ways" means to me, anyhow.

Two challenges to this "growing green" attitude have popped up recently. (Challenges are welcome  always, of course, supposing they can be met and conquered.)

The basic premise of the blog: the love of neighbor and love of earth are compatible.  Basic reality: every now and then, a severe challenge sweeps across the continents of our planet.

First recent challenge: costs. The cost of lettuce in the supermarket we use has gone up 15% in the past week! In "my" grocery store in Oregon. And lettuce isn't the only item to have taken a big hit. The entire grocery bill for the week has gone up (Ask your family shopper about your grocery bill. Especially if you're in Canada or the U.S.)

Second recent challenge: the general price level (called "inflation") in the U.S. has increased 7.5% recently. A rate this high exceeds the previous peak of inflation scored about 40 years ago. Cost of living exceeds income increase.

The cost of groceries has been impacted by the general price rise. Also, we need to factor-in the increasing cost of transportation of items, including grocery shipments, especially now that truckers are walking off the job. Distribution lines are struggling in U.S. and Canada for this and other reasons.


A third factor: stock prices slipped, simultaneously, partly due to fears of the potential economic impact of Russia invading Ukraine.  Even the American government stimulus measures undertaken to counter the impact of the COVID epidemic seem to have resulted in price increases.   

The result of these sudden economic shocks and surges is felt as financial pressure to households with fixed incomes, burdening the poor, no mercy on the unemployed. 

Who, and what, can help? Suggestions: Businesses:  adapt, keep purchase costs and product prices down. Mangers, seek efficiency.  Managers of the affected national economies should institute inflation-preventive measures where possible. Householders, make every dollar count.  Transportation workers, meet delivery schedules on time. 

Shoppers in supermarkets and other markets, can buy items on genuine sale prices when possible--goal, to keep household budgets in balance. Many can save by walking, not driving, to nearby destinations.

All persons may wish to remain mindful of financial hits felt especially by poor folks and people on fixed incomes. Citizens should take a moment to message political representatives to ask for recovery measures.  

Let us praise all who seek to keep inflation at bay.  In that way, we can counter challenges to "growing green two ways" and realize the dream, not a nightmare.

Let's have a good week, a good month, a good year ahead. Give it your best.  And many thanks for reading GROWING GREEN TWO WAYS. 





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