Saturday, January 8, 2022


 The news commentaries on the status of the United States have been discouraging at the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022.

One headline in the British Broadcasting Company (B.B.C.)  suggested that people in many countries believe that the U.S.A. is a nation in decline. This headlined occurred around the one-year anniversary of the capital riot on January 6, 2021.

Many Americans concur, or at least they judge that democracy is at risk. After the capitol riot of year ago, that's a very accurate conclusion.

It's good to balance American strengths against current weaknesses. I'll cite a couple of strengths I'm aware of. On the national level, persons ranging from President Biden to civic leaders and ordinary citizens are doing their part. Two days ago Biden denounced Trump's "web of lies."

Among religious leaders, Adam Russell Taylor on the Sojourners Website ( on January 6, 2022, provided great guidance for American believers in ways of seeking to lead the country out of crisis.

On television, search for Rick Steves' episode, "Germany's Fascist Story." Do you see parallels between Germany in the 1930s and current events in the U.S.?   To me, they are unmistakable.

At the national level in the U.S., leaders like President Joe Biden are trying to steer the nation out of the storm.

At the local level, leaders are springing into action.  That's wise, because the attack on democracy has trickled down to urban and small community life across the country. You've probably seen signs of it in your own community. I have, myself. In every state and community, local citizens must fight for freedom.

Here in Newberg, Oregon, where I live, The two members of the public school board question have led the five-member board into suppressing freedom of speech in the classroom. They fired the incumbent superintendent of public education.  Citizens have reacted by planning, funding, and winning the right to hold a recall election. The election is in process and results are scheduled for January 18th.

At a personal level, I'm concerned for the younger people in my extended family. What will their lives be like in an American in which democracy has been scuttled, if that should happen? 

I hope that stability will result and the global appraisal will shift toward judging American strength to have endured. For endless decades into the future.  

Everyone has a role. In elections, vote for pro-democracy candidates. In local community affairs, join with others seeking to conserve justice for all. Seek an abundance of signs of strength in the Good Old U.S.A.    Pray that God will continue to bless America.



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