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Okay, here we are---w-a-i-t-i-n-g.    The burst of energy and joy at Thanksgiving has receded. The sun (for those of us north of the equator) is lower on the horizon.  (Hooray for those of you in Sierra Leone, Panama, and further south to Capetown. You're into the season of increasing light. Not so here, up north. For example, in western Oregon we rarely see the sun due to rain clouds that prevail at this time of year.)

Wherever we are geographically, we're all just waiting for a big burst of joy at Christmas. People of all faiths can participate in this time of waiting.

The name given traditionally to this month of waiting is "Advent." (Advent sort of means, "It's coming.")  

What's coming, you ask? The burst of light and joy at Christmas--the annual celebration of the birth of Jesus, December 25.

What to do during this month of waiting?

You can use the time to renew relationships. Visit with your friend in person, by phone, or via internet applications. Link up with someone on Facebook. 

Also, now's the time to gather some gifts for Christmas-tide giving. Select with special attention to giving the recipient of your gift just the boost of being thought of. People of all faiths can participate in this burst of giving.

I recommend you read the Wikipedia article entitled "Advent." It gives a wonderful explanation of this particular month of waiting--the twists and turns associated with Advent season over past centuries.
Continue eating healthily. . .but eat less now to atone for the Turkey Day excesses just past. Deny yourself some dessert now in preparation for Christmas festival food.

Advent is a time of pondering the meaning of peace and respect. 

Summary: put yourself in a proper mood for a burst of joy on Christmas eve.

You're invited to return next week for a blurb of ideas regarding Christmas giving. Ideas on what to give? To whom? When to give?

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