Thursday, October 21, 2021

BETTER TOGETHER: love your neighbor

                                                                     PEACE ON EARTH


Better Together.   And I'd add: Better Together in Peace.  A Great Goal.  But why so hard to realize it? Why so difficult to achieve?     

Let's look at a case study.  These past few months have been fraught with tension and disagreement over a September school board vote in Newberg, Oregon. 

Background to the vote: “Black Lives Matter” signs had been posted in Newberg public schools. 

But, as reported in the Washington Post and elsewhere, the school board in Newberg voted 4-to-3 in favor of banning the posting of “Black Lives Matter” signs in the schools.

What would justify banning the "Black Lives Matter" assertion? 

To justify his vote in favor of banning, one board member said, “The signs are too political.”  

That is a logical error. “Lives Mattering” isn’t and never has been a political matter. The slogan isn’t Republican. It isn’t Democratic.  Not a political statement.   

In labeling it that way, it's the board members, not the poster, that politicized a non-political situation. Send those board member back to English class.

 Okay, it’s not political. But then, what is it?

Let's see. Maybe here's a clue: Jesus’ taught, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22.)  All neighbors deserve love. No exceptions. This teaching justifies the slogan and the signs. “Black (or name any other color) lives matter” because all lives matter.  

Nonetheless,  the Board voted with a one-vote majority to ban the slogan. Following the vote, citizen voters organized a campaign to recall the board member who offered the banning resolution. Parents and students protested the board vote with lawn signs and demonstrations.  And now the recall campaign reportedly has gathered more than enough signatures required to obtain a recall vote.  

Again, the yard sign says it so well: 

That's certainly a good starting point. It applies to Newberg, the U.S., and the entire world.

Also, click on the link below and listen to this song: “Let there be peace on earth.” “Black lives matter” is an affirmation of support for peace on earth.   A suggested personal motto: let peace on earth begin with me, right in my town (and yes, in your city, no matter where you might live).     Polk Street United Methodist Amarillo, TX

Yes, it can happen--on earth, in Texas, in Oregon, in Africa, everywhere, if we all “let it begin with me.”  No matter where you are on earth, please prioritize inclusion.  “It’s best to be together.”




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