Saturday, August 21, 2021

GLOBAL HEAT LEVEL SEEN RISING: should we be concerned? / what can we do?

Hi everyone. You're reading an article in a blog called "Growing Green". Fire and Smoke and Global Warming is the theme for this week's post. On August 14th, just a week ago, I posted about smoky skies in the Pacific Northwest, where I and many of my family members live. Earlier, in June, 2021, my family and I endured the Pacific Northwest HEAT CAP. During this week-long heat cap, temperatures vaulted 20 to 30 degrees above the normal summer temperature zone for days. The HEAT CAP stretched from southern British Columbia to California and west to east from Pacific shores into Montana--a huge portion of North America. Professional climatologists stated that the 2021 HEAT CAP could not have happened had it not been for global warming. Further, since the HEAT CAP four weeks ago, I've been living under a hazy-smoky sky (see photo below in the August 14 article.) "Global warming"? What does that mean? It's been defined as the rising of summer time temperatures in the northern hemisphere of the earth by 2 degrees or more. That number sounds pretty benign, doesn't it? But scientists called it a catastrophe. In fact, climate scientists are sending stark warning messages. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (I.P.C.C.), representing researchers and the governments of 195 countries, is terrified. "Owing to humans, the (the I.PC.C. reports states), the world has warmed by more than one degreee Celsius. . . . Global temperatures are now higher than at any other time in the past hundred and twenty-five thousand years." (Source: Elizabeth Colbert, "Too Hot," The New Yorker, August 23, 2021, page 11.) My own 2021 smoky summer expereience suggests that to me that it really is TOO HOT already. I've felt the heat personally. What's causing this gradual, persistent rise of the global temperature? Climate scientists point to the prolific use of fossil fuels (oil, particularly) for heating and transportation. The long-term outlook of I.P.C.C. projects global heat to rise another 2 degrees Celsius or (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) by 2090. Personally, that means that my grandkids and their entire generation world-wide will be living in a very high-risk climate quite soon--during their middle-age years. I don't want that to happen to them. The obvious question: what can be done now to avoid this impending catastrophe of global over-heating? The answer is: use much less fossil fuel. Substitute "clean energy fuels" such as wind energy, wood, municipal solid waste, bio-gas and bio-diesel. (Visit for information on bio-diesel.) We ordinary citizens must ask national politicians and policy-makers to work together across the aisle. Liberal/conservative peferences are irrelevant. You'll also probably agree that thousands of concerned persons need to communicate promptly to ask political and policy leaders to shape effective "stop-global-heating" policy. The goal is to avoid catastrophe by return the world climatic heat level to normal. Join me in that. I do trust that humanity will learn to GROW GREEN. Please post ideas / comments of your own about how to replace "growing hotter" with "growing greener."

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