Wednesday, April 21, 2021

EARTH DAY 2021: 51st year.

The first Earth Day, celebrated on April 22, 1970, riveted world attention to the opportunity of rescuing Mother Earth from environmental desecration. A United States Senator, Gaylord Nelson, was the driving American figure behind the first Earth Day. Internationally, Secretary General U Thant and the United Nations, chimed in with a legislative adoption. 20 million people jammed the streets on the first Earth Day, calling attention to the need and the opportunity of environmental stewardship. According to Wikipedia, this event remains the largest street-demonstration ever. The healing spirit of Earth Day alive! Just last week, state legislators in Washington State, U.S.A., voted to phase out the sale of gasoline-powered automobiles starting in 2030. Their lead could foster an amazingly helpful step toward controlling carbon dioxide levels. The the entire world should follow Washington's leadership in this effort. What else needs be done? I'm sure you have ideas that can add to the list. Do it! Write a comment to this post below. Express yourself to friends, neighbors, governmental officials. As many have done already: choose an electric-powered for your next automobile purchase. Tailor your own action plan. Tomorrow, just lean back and celebrate that first Earth Day. God created Earth. Humans have harmed Earth. Humans can help to heal Earth. We'll all be safer and happier then.

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