Saturday, April 17, 2021

Coronavirus--and WONDERING where this pandemic road LEADS

Coronavirus is like a modern version of the bubonic plague that hassled Europe in earlier times. Both are diseases caused by viral infection. Both require personal isolation. Plagues have crippled societies as long as records have preserved medical history. The Bible (book of Genesis chapters 7 and 8) lists a whole set of plagues that crippled ancient Egypt. 

 Today: people adapting so quickly! Many insist on physical distancing while continuing to function through electronic meet-ups. I've attended concerts, group meetings and worship services on-line. My grandkids attend classes, take exams, interact with teachers and professors via internet. Many office workers put in their time from home--"working from home" as some call it. I've learned that you don't have to go to the grocery store. You can enter a list via internet and drive to a designated parking lot where you order is delivered to you car. 

There's no doubt: coronavirus has pushed us from dependence on face-to-face interactions toward interactions mediated by electronics. In many ways society has been on that road for years, with the development of telephone and television. But disease has pushed the speed button. 

Summing up: isolation has been tough on many people and on their societies. . .no doubt about that. Also no doubt that humanity is creating new ways of social formation. Human creativity is developing new models of interaction across formerly difficult barriers.

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