Sunday, December 22, 2019


The first kid said, “The earth is round. But to me it looks flat. What should I believe?”

The second said, “Of course it’s round, dummy!”

Kids (and adults) can believe almost anything.

For weeks, and even today, secular and right-wing press has assumed the tight linkage of Trump and evangelical Christianity.

But now Mark Galli, a leader in evangelical Christianity, has exposed the error of that simplistic  Trump-Evangelical linkage. You can read his thought in “Christianity Today,” a leading evangelical Christian journal, here:

Not all evangelicals support Trump, you say? Right. Galli does not. 

Me? Well first, I am an evangelical? I was baptized in the Evangelical Church, graduated from Evangelical Theological Seminary. I was accepted for ordination in the Evangelical United Brethren Church. I now live in an evangelical Quaker retirement community. Yes, I’m an evangelical; it’s in my blood. But in recent years I wouldn’t have mentioned that because of the supposition that evangelicals are one in support of Trump.

Now a Truth has finally emerged with a huge bang. The evangelical editor of a dominant evangelical periodical, “Christianity Today,” has written: “Trump should be removed from office.”

Let’s go back to an evangelical Sunday school. A kid’s hand goes up. “What I do and what I say should match. Right?”

Sunday school teacher: “Of course! You’re right. That’s what I’ve taught. You get an A.”

And finally I can say out loud, “I’m an evangelical. Life-long. And I don’t support many of Trump’s actions and a lot of what he says.” I can assert that the great fellowship of evangelical Christians cannot be portrayed as Trump’s buddies. Just like I can say: “The earth is not flat!” Thank you, Editor Mark Galli.

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