Monday, November 11, 2019


Do you read Jim Wallis? Wallis writes articles, books, and web-based material. I'll give you a link to  the best articles I've read during the week past. It's Wallis on what loyalty to Jesus means now.

A bit of introduction to Wallis. He leads a movement, "the Sojourners," which shapes and leads Christian social action guidance. When I studied theology in  Chicago, Wallis and his group were centered in suburban Chicago as well. We (my classmates and I) looked to him to leadership in thought and action in the civil rights struggle.

I've encountered Jim since then as well. In Tacoma in 2001 he spoke to a community gathering in St. Leo Parish (Roman Catholic).

Now Wallis has shifted attention to the current poisoned political atmosphere. He continues to provide leadership to American Christians--both in thought and deed.

This month Jim has published a new book. He's written an brief article introducing some of the main points in the book.  Read the article, get the book. Either way, look for the spirit conveyed in his words.

The theme is The Caesar Question: Where does your loyalty lie?" Jesus faced this issue. Now we do.

If your loyalty lies with Jesus you'll get some clear instruction from Jim on what that means today. Instruction, or thought-provoking questions at the very least.

Here's the link.  Enjoy the read. And learn.

Jim Wallis, World Economic Forum, 2012
via Wikimedia

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